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About Andrew Grabowski

Andrew Grabowski is a graduate from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, where he majored in Media & Communication Studies. He has embarked in many creative endeavors, including creating YouTube videos, designing posters, organizing online productions, and making lots of memes.

Andrew got his start in video making when he was in elementary school. At age eight, he decided to make music videos and comedies centered around the massively multiplayer online Flash game "Club Penguin". These videos gradually grew in popularity, which encouraged him to continue to make them throughout his teenage years and into adulthood, up until the game was shut down in 2017. Making Club Penguin videos is how he learned most of his video and image editing skills. He further strengthened his video-editing skills through his course of studies at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County. This includes an internship at the UMBC Office of Institutional Advancement, where he shot and edited promotional videos for the university. He continues to use his video editing skills in various creative projects for his YouTube and TikTok channels.

Andrew began acting for the stage when he was cast in a middle school production of "Oklahoma!". He performed in several plays and musicals throughout high school and became a member of his school's International Thespian Society troupe. At UMBC, he became Public Relations manager of the Musical Theatre Club and President of AF Theatre Company, and participated in shows through non-acting means such as directing, writing, poster designing, and set building. He directed nine songs for four different Musical Theatre Club showcases from 2016-2019 and co-hosted the 2018 showcase, "Everything's Fine". He also directed and co-hosted AF Theatre Company's 2019 production of "The Rocky Horror Picture Show", and in the same year produced his own original show Musical Without a Cool Acronym.

M.W.C.A. (Musical Without a Cool Acronym) is a feature-length musical parody of the Disney Channel cartoon Phineas and FerbAndrew had the idea for this show as early as 2016. After working on the script for three years, he was finally able to produce the show during his senior year at UMBC through AF Theatre Company. The show caught the attention of many people in the Phineas and Ferb fan community, and in 2020 he received an offer to revive the musical as a virtual production during the COVID-19 pandemic. The virtual edition of M.W.C.A. featured more than 50 cast and crew members spread across the globe and took nine months to produce. It was primarily marketed on TikTok through an account that garnered more than 130 thousand followers. It premiered on YouTube in August 2021 to critical acclaim from fans, as well as from several industry talents who worked on the original Phineas and Ferb. (Read more about MWCA)

In 2022, Andrew got his first job in television, working as a studio technician at WMAR-2 News Baltimore, a local ABC television station in Towson, MD. He is now in the process of moving out to the Los Angeles area in search of new career opportunities. He is always exploring professional creative ventures related to entertainment. In his free time, Andrew enjoys drawing, playing video games, and discussing media with his friends.




University of Maryland, Baltimore County  (UMBC) 
Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Media and Communication Studies
Minors in Computer Science and Theatre
Cum Laude | GPA: 3.7/4.0

Senior Capstone Project - The Rise and Fall of Club Penguin

Professional Experience


Sales Associate, San Marino Toys

  • Sold toys and books to guests in two independent retail stores

(Clever Bear Toys & Books, San Marino Toy & Book Shoppe)

  • Assisted in inventory delivery, setup, and strike for book fairs

  • Designed flyers and graphics to promote events on social media

Game Host, Runaway Games

  • Facilitated remote 'Family Feud'-style games to guests

  • Fostered environment for remote team-building through Zoom

  • Worked with a global team spanning the United States, Singapore, Hungary, Jamaica, etc.

Game Facilitator, Patchwork Adventures / Gr8er Good Games

  • Facilitated remote escape rooms and administered clues to guests

  • Fostered environment for remote team-building through Zoom

  • Acted in character to help tell stories in two different languages

  • Created social media posts to promote games

  • Worked with a team to design, playtest, and troubleshoot games


Ops Technician, WMAR-2 News Baltimore

  • Floor directed in-studio talent during live television broadcasts

  • Ran teleprompter for live and pre-recorded news

  • Managed digital media including ABC programs and commercials

  • Worked with a team to produce television news six days a week

Video Producer, UMBC Office of Institutional Advancement

  • Primary editor of videos for UMBC’s official social media

  • Filmed campus events with professional camera equipment

  • Archived and organized UMBC legacy content

Game Master, Breakout Games

  • Reset escape rooms and administered clues to guests

  • Communicated with diverse range of families and work groups

  • Ensured guest safety and maintained a friendly environment

  • Acted as lobby host to greet guests in-person and over-the-phone

Marketing Associate, Summit Business Technologies

  • Produced IT company's online and print marketing materials

  • Edited and produced internal and consumer-facing videos

  • Technical troubleshooting, file organization, and data entry


April 2023-present

San Marino / Monrovia, CA

September 2023-present



June 2020-present


January 2022-December 2022

Towson, MD

September 2018-May 2019

Baltimore, MD

June 2018-November 2020

Columbia, MD

June 2017-August 2017

Millersville, MD

Leadership Experience

Director/Producer/Showrunner of Musical Without a Cool Acronym

  • Organized online virtual production of an original parody musical and subsequent projects

  • Directed an international 41-person cast and a 15-person production team

  • Composited and edited thousands of greenscreen clips to create 18+ different music videos

  • Managed social media channels, including TikTok account with 140 thousand+ followers



President of UMBC AF Theatre Company

Alternative theatre group established for original musicals & shadow casts of cult classic films.

  • Worked with the Student Government Association to budget and produce 2 shows

  • Managed a team of 6 executive board members

  • Wrote, directed, and produced one full-length musical

Public Relations Manager of UMBC Musical Theatre Club

Student theatre group established for performing musicals & musical theatre showcases.

  • Designed club logo

  • Designed posters and programs for 9 shows

  • Managed the club's Facebook/Instagram accounts and official website

Public Relations Manager of UMBC AF Theatre Company

  • Designed club logo

  • Designed posters and programs for 4 shows


December 2020-present

June 2018-May 2019

June 2016-May 2019

June 2017-May 2018

Independent Creative Work

TikTok Video Producer

  • Produced short-form content including music videos, countdowns, analyses, and memes

  • Accumulated more than 100 thousand followers and 10 million views on personal channel

  • Managed a show channel with more than 130 thousand followers

  • Became verified TikTok Creator and generated income via TikTok Creator Fund

  • Active channels: @NachozRule, @mwca.musical

YouTube Video Producer and Curator

Podcast Host, Nintendo Outcast


September 2019-present

March 2007-present



April 2020-present


Video Editing

  • Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, Character Animator, Media Encoder

  • Compositing/Keying​

  • Motion/Keyframing

  • Animation

  • Masking

  • Nesting/Layering

  • Effects and Transitions

  • Essential Graphics

  • Color Correcting

  • Time Remapping

  • Closed Captioning

Image Editing and Graphic Design

  • Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Lightroom

  • Compositing/Background Removal

  • Drawing/Illustration

  • Vectors

  • Logo Design

  • Poster Design

  • Print Design

  • Typography

  • Layout/Layering

  • Color Correction

Sound Design, Editing, and Mixing

  • Adobe Audition, Audacity, Mixcraft, QLab, Soundtrap

  • Noise Removal

  • Time Remapping

  • Audio Mixing

  • Balancing Levels

  • Reverb

  • Panning

  • Pitch Shifting

Web Design​

  • WordPress, Wix, Weebly

  • Layout

  • Embedding

  • Basic HTML

Office Suites

  • G Suite - Gmail, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Calendar

  • Microsoft Office - Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneDrive

Marketing and Social Media

  • Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, TikTok

  • Scheduling posts with Hootsuite

  • Search engine optimization


  • Basic experience with HTML, JavaScript, C, C++, Python, Perl, Bash

Retail/Customer Service

  • Operating retail storefront

  • Greeting customers

  • Making sales / operating cash register

  • Answering phone calls

  • Booking reservations

  • Credit/Debit card transactions


  • Acting

  • Singing

  • Directing

  • Producing

  • Public Relations

  • Finance/Budgeting

  • Scenic Design

  • Building/Painting

  • Sound/Projection Design

  • Team Leadership

  • Scheduling

Foreign Language

  • Studied six years of French

  • Experience running escape rooms in French


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